A sturdy custom bookcase made of pine carpentry panel, by Roelof

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In this DIY project, Roelof shows he has made a custom bookcase. By choosing a 28mm pine carpentry panel, the cabinet has a sturdy and robust appearance. Read more about Roelof's experience below.

Description of Roelof

We had a cupboard under the stairs made with plasterboard. we used it to make a bookcase.

How I made this project

Initially I made a sketch of the bookcase as we wanted it. A thicker The folder had to be able to fit in it, so the compartments had to be at least 32 cm high. The cupboard had to run from the floor to the ceiling and we wanted to use thick planks, which is why we ended up with 28 mm thick pine. I built it from the ground up. built up layer by layer. I used plywood as the back and it is still being painted in the color of the wallpaper. This makes it one whole

Dimensions of my DIY project

100.0 cm wide
262.0 cm high

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How next?

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