A smart, custom-made modular cabinet by Arjan

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Arjan shows how he custom-made a smart modular cabinet. For this job he ordered custom plywood interior panels. This way he could start immediately. Read more about his approach and experience below. 

Description of Arjan

Two cabinets consisting of 10 cubes each (40.0 x40.0 x 40.0 cm). Optionally, it can also be made into 1 cupboard consisting of 20 cubes. The cubes can be placed on top of and next to each other in many different ways. For strength, the blocks are attached to each other with one small bolt. To allow for different cabinet configurations, each side of a cube contains three holes aligned in one line. This way you could also create extra cupboard space by placing the cubes not straight on top of each other, but staggered (not in the photos). Handy if you have more space available in your room. Four cubes have a simple folding/sliding door.

How I made this project

At this online sawmill I bought 80 panels of poplar plywood (9mm) in the size 390x390mm for the sides of the cubes, 20 panels 381x381mm for the bottom plates ((back sides) and 8 panels 375x375mm for the doors and shelves. The sides are glued in a mill-like manner around the bottom plate (on the bottom plate and on the adjacent sides). With small nails on the The sides are reinforced (the latter can also be done with a tacker). This results in a very sturdy construction. The aforementioned three holes are drilled using a template so that they are in the same place on every cube an 8mm metal tube mounted between both sides of the cube. This tube must be placed before the cube is assembled. The door has a guide on the inside that ensures that you slide the door into the cube. wooden guide.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Of the cube: 400x400x400mm (approx); total cabinet size is varied.

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How next?

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