A personalized midrange speaker box made of MDF panels, by Valery

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Make your own midrange speaker with custom-cut MDF. In this DIY project, Valery shows how it was done. By ordering the sawn sheet metal material online, you can get started immediately!

Description of the Valery

As a continuation of my on-board sound system project, I' I continued by creating a box for 4 20cm speakers whose ends are curved to allow better diffusion of stereo sound.

How I carried out this project

Just like my previous project, the idea first came from a drawing, through which I first calculated and then recorded my dimensions. I then switch to Sketchup* for 3D production, which allows me to draw precise dimensions and have a final visual rendering before manufacturing. Once this work is completed, I can place the order on the site by adding my different specifications, such as rounding, chamfer, 45 degree angle cut, etc.

Dimensions of my DIY project

90.0 × 25.0 × 25.0

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How next?

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