A homemade lounge sofa with storage space from OSB, by Bas

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2 minutes

Bas shows how you can make a custom lounge sofa yourself with the online sawing service. By ordering the sawn panels online you can get started on your project immediately. Please note: OSB is in principle not suitable for outdoor use (without treatment).

Description of Bas

A garden bench that fits around the rain pipe, made of OSB with storage space for outdoor items . Perfectly sized for a set of pallet cushions. The next step is that it will be painted: OSB is not a permanent outdoor material.

How I made this project

First we bought the garden cushions. I used this measurement to determine the outside size of the sofa. Then determine the height of the bench. For this we have used the size of our indoor sofa excluding the cushions. I made the bottom frame from old scaffolding wood that came from the garden. The beautiful, newly sawn OSB plates were screwed around it. The lid ultimately falls on the sawn edges and is provided with a slat on the inside so that it cannot shift. The bottom is equipped with adjustable feet because our terrace slopes slightly. The end edges still need to be made waterproof (I'm going to apply sealant to them) after which we will apply a layer of lacquer to the entire sofa. But for now we mainly enjoyed outside in the sun on our new sofa!

Dimensions of my DIY project

194.0 x 77.0 cm

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How next?

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