A homemade Asymmetrical shelving unit based on IKEA Ivar, by Toby

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2 minutes

Description of Toby

An asymmetrical shelving unit on an IKEA basis made of painted MDF. It is located in our living/dining room on the ground floor, mounted on the wall. There is built-in lighting in a cubicle and there is a socket inside the cupboard. The cupboard has 4 vertical compartments and several shelving units. It is placed to create a visual separation between the living and dining areas of the room. The paint is clay green lacquer paint from Karwei (bought at the same time as the legs).

How I made this project

We bought three IKEA Ivar cabinets with doors (size 80x28) and painted equally. The cabinets were screwed together and connected from below with legs (from the Karwei). We then measured carefully and ordered the wood to size. After the wood was neatly varnished, we made the bolted frame (straight and level) and made and screwed the shelving units. We had to be careful with screw holes and not drill too fast or hard, because MDF is not strong. The shelving unit was placed on top and screwed down from below. It is also attached to the wall with screws.

Dimensions of my DIY project

3x 80.0 width Ivar cabinets (241.0cm), 28.0 depth, 162.0 height on top

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How next?

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