A custom-made Okoume plywood cabinet for horse equipment, by Mario

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2 minutes

Mario has made a practical and beautiful custom cabinet especially for horse equipment. Because the cabinet is used outdoors, he opted for custom-sawn plywood okoume. The cabinet is fitted with hinges and finally painted. A beautiful result!

Description by Mario

A friend of mine was looking for a cupboard to store her horse's belongings near the stable. Now the stable master has some conditions, including a certain size of 80x80 cm and a maximum of 30 cm deep. The color was also predetermined. The cupboard will be sheltered outside, which is why Okoumé was chosen. Someone else was also interested in a storage option for her horse's belongings.

How I made this project

Luckily I was able to plan the design via Autocad. After everything had been drawn, I could enter the precise measurements in order to order the wood exactly to size. The wood was delivered a week after placing my order.  After selecting all the planks, I started measuring. To process the beams as neatly as possible, I decided to mill them into a slot in the sides and the middle wall of the cabinet. After measuring, the slots were made with a cutter. Then all the planks could fit in perfectly. The top and bottom are attached with stainless steel screws, waterproof glue and a number of stainless steel nails. The back and the shelves are attached with waterproof glue and stainless steel nails

Dimensions of my DIY project

80.0 x 80.0 x 30.0 H x W x D


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How next?

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