A Crossfit lifting platform from underlayment fins spruce, by Kevin

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Very easy

2 minutes

As a home athlete it is nice to have things well organized. For example, Kevin started working with custom-sawn underlayment fins to create his own CrossFit lifting platform. Thanks to his good preparation, the result is impressive. 

Description of Kevin

After doing self-research online for a long time and discussing the trainers at various CrossFit boxes, I finally decided to set my budget 'Home- Gym' to the next level.

How I made this project

I eventually ended up with this handy online sawing service. After taking some measurements with a simple measuring tape, I was able to determine the dimensions to order a wooden plate that I could use as a surface for my (OLY) weightlifting platform. I ordered my Squat rack and weights via 'Rogueeurope.eu' and I ordered the floor mats via Amazon. I have these floor mats to ensure that the wood does not rub and/or does not have direct contact with my wooden floor. The wood that I ordered and had cut to size is: Underlayment Finnish Spruce 15 mm. The plate stays in place and does not slide. This is because I had the edges of the plate sawn round by 2mm with the idea that I can easily place the plate on the inside of the rack and the bolts of my Squat rack (which rest on the wood) ensure that it is in place. stays put. The wood is perfectly sawn down to the MM and the quality is excellent. I tested it intensively with front/back squat (up to 120KG) and was also able to do clean and jerks without any problems. (Obviously I don't drop the weight directly on the wood).

Dimensions of my DIY project

222.0 x 107.1 cm

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How next?

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