Headboard from underlayment, door Urska

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In dit project laat Urska (Engelstalig) zien hoe ze een hoofdbord op maat heeft gemaakt van underlayment. Ze is geinspireerd geraakt door andere DIY projecten in de webshop. Het resultaat is een praktisch en fraai hoofdbord volledig op maat. 

Descrizione di KLANTNAAM

Headboard made of underlayment - I used wood glue, sand paper, primer, varnish, metal corners and screws. I got inspiration from another project on this website.

Come ho realizzato questo progetto

Since before the wall always got dirty, the idea was that I could build a headboard that can just be press by the bed against the wall. I used wood glue, some scrap pieces of wood, metal corners and screws to screw the plates together. I also sanded everything down with 150grit sandpaper, painted with a primer and varnish. It took me only a few hours to attached everything together (including waiting for glue and varnish to dry).

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